Thursday, October 18, 2012

a little background ..

i decided to write this blog as a stream of visuals and descriptive writings that occur to me throughout the "season" of a garden .. a very particular garden .. created over fifteen years ago by phil .. a man who has since passed on .. the garden blooms primarily during the long grey months of winter .. it begins its performance in september and closes the curtain in may .. the "season" of it spans a number of months ..

i worked with phil in his garden during the last four years of his life .. when he garden was yet young .. over the past fifteen years i've watched this garden move through the rhythms of its growth .. flowering .. dying back .. and dormancy .. and now, i've decided to keep a visual and written record of the movement through the seasons of this magical garden ..

if you come along for the duration .. or even stop in for bits of it .. i trust you'll enjoy the performance ..

thank you ..

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